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With subscriptions available for just $20 (within NZ), $25 (Australia), and $30 International this is a great chance to subscribe and get in the draw for a DVD; titles include - 7 Weeks in Tibet, Enter The Donkey, Night of The Living Donkey

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EVENTS // TEVA Lea Extreme Race 2008 

Lea RaceThe Teva Lea Xstream Race, run by the Derwent Canoe Club is on again for 2008.

Held on the Lea River in Northern Tasmania; this event is the feature white-water event on the Australian paddling calendar. Paddlers fly and/or ferry in from all over the country to experience a weekend of racing, partying and the general tom-foolery that occurs when you get a bunch of kayakers together.

The race itself involves teams of two paddlers racing against the clock the grade four waters of the Lea River. Entries are open now and are available on the event website:


NEWSFLASH // New CUMEC Magazine Website Live

We're proud to release the new version of Cumec Magazine to the paddling public. This site has taken a long time to put together, and various versions of the site have come and gone. Our aim with this new site is to provide the paddling community with a 'news link' between each Issue of CUMEC Magazine, you'll find the latest videos, event reports, reviews and more.

Plus we're slowly uploading lots of content from our back issues, so have a surf around and check out some backyard runs, trick tips and interviews.

We're anticipating a few teething errors in the next couple of weeks as the website develops. If you see something that doesn't look right, or you discover a missing link, then please send us an email so that we can fix the problem and provide the best web experience for you the reader.

If you have any news, links or information that you think other people should hear about then feel free to send an email about that too.

Cheers, and happy paddling.


P.S Don't forget our subscription competition that finishes at the end of this month. We have 40 DVDs to give away to 40 lucky subscribers.

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EVENTS // NZ Freestyle Kayak Series

Tekapo Group

There is less than one month until the 2008 NZ Freestyle Series kicks off for the second time ever. Four events in four different locations, over a four month period. Means that New Zealand paddlers can look forward to multiple weekends of wet fun, no matter where they live in the country.