Whitewater Grand Prix - Final Countdown from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

In what is one of the most anticipated kayaking events in recent history, Pat Camblin and Tribe Rider is set to launch the White Water Grand Prix next week. Combining 25 of the Worlds best kayakers (including NZ's Louise Urwin) the event is going to include 6 events over twelve days on a range of rivers throughout Quebec.

Here's the official blurb;

At the start of May, twenty-eight of the world's most talented, most versatile, and most progressive kayakers will compete in a multi-disciplined, 6-stage competition on spectacular whitewater across Quebec . The Whitewater Grand Prix brings together this All-Star group in a unique event whose images and coverage we hope can help kayaking gain more mainstream exposure.

The event includes past and present World Champions of whitewater racing and freestyle, as well as many other present and future stars.  With 10 countries represented and many rivalries between the competitors, we all look forward to seeing how each stage plays out.

The races include a Time-Trial down a steep section of slides and waterfalls, a Giant Slalom which will challenge the competitors with the worlds first 18 gate course on class 4/5 whitewater, and an intense head to head down one of Quebec's infamous big volume rapids. The freestyle events will highlight the worlds best wave surfers with events on both mid-sized waves that will allow for tricks to be linked in sequence, and big dynamic waves that will show those with the most control, style, and wave awareness.

After three races and three freestyle contests the Grand Prix World Champion will be crowned.

We are obviously hoping for the normal spring levels that produce the waves Quebec is famous for, but we are running the event with great contingencies in chance of low, medium, or high water.

The Whitewater Grand Prix is hosted by the Qu├ębec Whitewater Kayaking Federation and is supported by the Association of Whitewater Professionals (AWP).  The Whitewater Grand Prix aims to showcase the sport of whitewater kayaking and some of it's most talented athletes.

With a start list that encompasses a whose who of the sports top end; Dane Jackson, Rush Sturges, Tyler Curtis, Evan Garcia, James Bebbington, Steve Fisher.

We'll be updating information on the event as we get it, stay tuned here or over at the official site www.whitewatergp.com