Kayakers are going to descend upon on Okere Falls this coming weekend for the annual Andy Duff Memorial Race. Mass start action that will see almost every type of rivercraft available descend the river. Generally dominated by the locals (kayakers and raft guides). If you're in the area go and watch the carnage, or try and compete in every division.

Kayaking South Silver from Sarah Charley on Vimeo.

I stumbled accross this weeks Monday Morning Motivation video on vimeo. A quick burst of whitewater slides on California's South Silver run, with several local NZ paddlers including; Dan Wrigley, Yan Wong and Toni George.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Earlier this year the adidas Sickline Team ventured into the Bashkaus River in Russia. Their goal was to write their names into the infamous book of legends deep inside the gorge. Kiwi paddlers Jared Meehan and Sam Sutton were part of the team that made the successful descent. Check out the inspiring video from Olaf Obsommer.

The Five2Nine and Bottoms Up Kayaking crews from Canada have just released their 3-part online movie 'Better Than You Imagined'. A blend of paddling expeditions from all over the world and featuring several top Kiwi kayakers including; Josh Neilson, Sam Sutton, and Louise Urwin. Plus cameos from heaps more Kiwis. 

We're hoping there will be a premier of the full film at Xmas@Kaituna this weekend hosted by film producer Tyler Fox. Stay tuned for details.

The final countdown is on for the first ever Hydroscapes Styx Hardman Race and Mr T brings us this motivational message - Real men don't speed walk!

The banter has begun and the question of who will be the first 'Hardman' and 'Hardwoman' will be answered this weekend. So if you're feeling tough and up to running up the Styx track with your boat and then paddling back down get to Hokitika this weekend. If you're feeling not so manly it'll still be a brilliant spectacle and an epic party! If you can't make it (like me) then make sure you stay tuned to Cumec Magazine next year for dates for the 2011 event.