We've had a couple of week hiatus as I've found it hard to get to a computer at the right time. Back on track for now and quick look into an upcoming film on the life of legendary American paddler Rob Lesser, and his return to the infamous Stikine Canyon to 'pass-the-torch'.

Pre Race - monsoon madness from Adrian Kiernan on Vimeo.

The Monsoon Madness event was held over the weekend near Cairns in North Queensland. There had a been a lot of water in the weeks leading up to race, and Adrian Kiernan and friends made the most of a few warm up runs last week. We're hoping to see a lot more coverage coming out of the event in the coming days, but until then here's a little teaser of what North Queensland has on offer.

Okere Dreamin from Sean Gerlach on Vimeo.

It's been a crazy week for many New Zealanders. Our thoughts with those directly affected by the quake and subsequent aftershocks (one of which just shook my desk). We've now got power back and will be working on getting the next issue of Cumec out ASAP. Until then get motivated by some Okere Falls lifestyling in this little video from Sean Gerlach.

We're trucking on through the finals stage of Cumec Issue #13 and finding motivation in lots of little places to get this one all wrapped. Stumbled across this clip from Dream Result of the 'Asian Invasion' featuring Ben Marr, Patrick Camblin, Andrew Pollock and a few others.

Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks as we really get stuck into event season, and we release what will be another epic issue of Cumec.

Uganda/Kenya video wrap up from Blair Trotman on Vimeo.

Kiwi paddler Blair Trotman sent us the link to his latest video on Friday. Some sweet paddling and a touch of mountain biking in Kenya and Uganda.