The Kimberley from Lachie Carracher on Vimeo.

Lachie Carracher has just released his new website at and one of his first posts is this short film clip about the expedition that he co-led into the Kimberly region of North Western Australia earlier this year. Lachie was recently awarded the Outer Edge Magazine 'Young Adventurer of the Year' award, and is currently saving/planning for several expeditions over the summer season.

There have been numerous posts around the internet about their expedition including a full day-to-day break down on their website and Tyler Fox has also put some photographic updates online at the Wavesport Kayaks site.


Rider of the Year Awards from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

The Tribe Rider of the Year Awards were new for 2010; and judging by this wrap-video of all the winners the 2011 awards are going to be ridiculous.

Now I'm sure that there are plenty of paddlers who can't picture themselves doing these tricks, waterfalls, or lines. In saying that credit must be given to the folks who are pushing the limits at the top of end of whitewater kayaking. Take 15 minutes out of your day to get inspired, and see the new directions that kayaking is going. Are the possibilities endless? Or are we bordering on insanity?

We've just picked up a GoPro HD Head Camera which we're in the process of reviewing. They are a great little unit that feels very robust, and the video quality is outstanding. Late last week the local Alexandra run on the Manuherikia River was high enough to paddle so I connected up with a few of the lads from Queenstown and went for little bit of winter paddling.

We're also really stoked to have the support of Loop Media ( who have given us permission to use some of their amazing music for our videos. In this clip you're listening to the sounds of Drumagick featuring P Digsss (of Shapeshifter fame) the song was recorded as part of the O.E Brazil project back in 2007. If you like the music you can pop over to their iTunes store and buy the song - Buy it at Loop itunes


River Roots and Revoluntionary Innovations have just released the latest teaser for their 2010 DVD titled 'Dream Result'.


VIDEO // Introducing Jimmy Lohrey & Sean Bozkewycz 



Australian white-water paddler Sean Bozkewycz sent us this clip earlier this year, after dealing with a few 'music copyright issues' we are now able to release the video on our site. This short film was made during Sean and Jimmy's 2007 paddling season in British Columbia and this footage can also be seen in 'Down Under the Horizon Line' by Skippy Films, and in Hotel Charly 3:The Lost World.


EVENT VIDEO // Murray Whitewater Festival


MOVIE TRAILER // Grand Canyon Adventure - River at Risk


MOVIE TRAILER //  Night of the Living Donkey