DVD REVIEW // 7 Weeks in Tibet

7 WEEKS IN TIBET – A film by Dave Kwant.

7 Weeks in Tibet is based on the 2006 trip to Tibet of 6 kayakers on a search for unpaddled white water. After the initial sponsor credits the menu left me with two choices '7 Weeks in Tibet' (25 min) and the other option 'Low Lifes in High Places' (49min). Both of these movies are based off the same footage filmed during the teams expedition and have a similar style but different narratives.
I favoured the 'Low Lifes in High Places' which involved a bit more paddling but still shed some light on the intricacies of being on a river for 12 days in a row.

The film was interesting, educational, and cultural, but certainly not action packed excitement. A good balance of narrative to music with some stunning scenic & white water shots that keeps your attention throughout.

The 'extras' were two short films 'Never Say Nevis' and 'See you next Tuesday' which provided more fast-paced action than the feature itself.

Overall it is a great movie to watch at night or as motivation to start planning your own trip, but not the type of film that makes you want to jump out of your seat and go paddling straight away.

So once you have finished reading Zak Shaw's article about Tibet in this Issue. Go and and get a copy of this DVD and get really immersed in their experience.
MUSIC 7/10
STORY 8.5/10