DVD REVIEW // 49 Megawatts

49 Megawatts DVD Cover

49 MEGAWATTS – A film by Bryan Smith 

A glimpse into the death of a river through the eyes of a passionate paddler. The Ashlu River had become Bryan Smith's home-run, and when the power company annouced that they planned to put a 'run of the river' dam in place on the Ashlu they weren't expecting the fight that they received from the community.

Smith has documented the entire process from the local council meetings, to interviews with power-company executives and local interest groups. Progressive shots throughout the construction of the dam show exactly how the river and its surrounding areas are being changed. A good look at how 'renewable energy' isn't actually that renewable, and the way that the law can be twisted in the favour of those in power (pardon the pun).

The extra features add the extra touch of whitewater that is lacking from the main film, but then this film isn't just about kayaking. 


MUSIC - 6/10

STORY - 9/10

EDITING - 8.5/10



OVERALL - 36.5/50